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About Fork in the Road

Welcome to Fork in the Road, a green living blog helping you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We believe it is possible to live a full life with less and that small changes in the way we live our daily lives can add up to a big impact on the world around us. We publish conscious living articles and green eating recipes that inform and encourage sustainable living, eating with the seasons, and choosing a simple life with less environmental impact…without sacrificing life’s little luxuries.

Yellow superfoods on a marble table, including bananas, bee pollen, turmeric, mangos, and grapefruit.

We hope to inspire YOU to make small changes in your everyday life through original seasonal recipes, sustainable living resources, eco-friendly product reviews and guides, and tips for building a simple life you love —from the inside out. We cover everything from seasonal meal planning guides and green recipes, eco-friendly home products, natural living and wellness tips, and green travel guides and recommendations. We love finding and sharing our favorite new ways to live a simpler and more natural lifestyle and are excited you’re here to take the “fork in the road” with us to live a life less traveled.

I’ve been where you are:

  • Wanting to make a difference but not knowing where to start
  • Knowing my lifestyle habits were contributing to our environmental problems but not knowing how to change
  • Wanting to commit to something, but not having a guide

And that’s where Fork in the Road comes in. To show you that small changes to your lifestyle — making a weekly meal plan, shopping and cooking in season, replacing your harmful products with eco-friendly brands, committing to conscious travel — can have a big impact. That living with less means actually having more — more time, more memories, more connection, more fulfillment.

The Fork in the Road philosophy

Fork in the Road is a resource for people like you, those who care about the earth and want to do what you can to leave the world a better place than you found it. We do this by:

  • Choosing real, whole foods that are grown and raised responsibly and that nourish both you and the planet
  • Creating a home that is a “sanctuary space” free from harmful products and chemicals and full of good energy
  • Exploring and connecting with the world around us through green, conscious travel that is not exploitative of cultures or natural resources
  • Cultivating a strong sense of well-being through mindfulness, intention, and a strong focus on self-care so you can live grounded and give back to the people and world around you


Hi, I’m Kristina and I’m a green living junkie.

Kristina Todini, RDN of Fork in the Road cutting vegetables in an outdoor kitchen.Hi! I’m Kristina Todini, RDN, the founder of Fork in the Road. I live in a tiny apartment in Berkeley, CA with my husband Francesco and our two cats, Bebe and Penguin. I am a travel-obsessed registered dietitian nutrition (RDN), sustainability consultant, recipe developer, food photographer, and writer and you can find my work in publications such Food & Nutrition, Self, Shape, PopSugar, Healthline, Buzzfeed, and more.

While nutritious food is literally my job, I haven’t always lived a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Like many other Americans, I grew up on (unhealthy) convenience foods, didn’t know how to cook a chicken breast until the age of 22, and never gave a thought to how my resource-intensive lifestyle affected the world around me. It wasn’t until I began working in restaurants in my early 20’s, discovered my love of healthy eating, and decided to return to school to become a registered dietitian that I began to see how my lifestyle and food decisions impact the environment.

After years of working in the food industry in some way, shape, or form — from transportation, service, culinary, and marketing — I combined my love of healthy food and my newfound passion for the environment as a nutrition and sustainability consultant. I spent my days tracking what large organizations and companies were doing and saying about food sustainability, but soon realized that this information was missing something important: simple, actionable changes that everyday people can make to reduce their impact on the world around them.

Are you ready to make the change?

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