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How to Freeze Radishes

Want to freeze leftover radishes? Follow these simple steps to cut, blanch, and freeze fresh radishes to enjoy their bright flavor and crispy texture all year round.
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  • 1 bunch radishes
  • 1 small freezer friendly bag


  • 1 sauce pan


  • Wash radishes. First, clean radishes under cold water, making sure to scrub each radish to remove dirt and residue. Rinse the loose remnants while allowing the water to fall between your fingers.
  • Slice radishes. Cut the root and ends off each radish. You can then blanch and freeze radishes whole, however they may split when frozen and cause the texture to become mealy. We suggest cutting whole radishes into slices or quarters before blanching and freezing.
  • Blanch radishes. Bring water to a boil in a medium or large pot on high heat. Then, place the radish slice carefully to avoid splashing, and cook for 2-3 minutes. Remove your boiled sliced radishes and place them in an ice bath to slow down the cooking process. Then remove them from the cold water and lay on a towel to dry completely before freezing.
  • Freeze radishes. Place the radish slices in a freezer container or bag. Ensure your container is moisture-resistant and airtight. If you choose to use silicone or plastic zipper bags, release excessive air before sealing for the best results.


  • Container suggestion: I suggest storing frozen radishes in an airtight freezer friendly silicon bag because you can remove excess air before closing, however you can also store in glass food storage containers.