So What the Heck are DPGs?

As nutrition and dietetics professionals, we tend to use a lot of acronyms: AND, ACEND, and DPD are just a few—but what about DPGs and MIGs? Specifically, what are they and how can they help you in your path to becoming an RD?

What are Dietetic Practice Groups (DPGs)?

Dietetics Practice Groups (DPGs) and Member Interest Groups (MIGs) are optional subgroups within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that are focused on specific practice and interest areas of nutrition. There are over 23 DPGs and 10 MIGs, and annual memberships range from $10-$30 for students. Groups such as Sports, Cardiovascular, & Wellness Nutrition (or SCAN) focus on interests such as sports nutrition and disordered eating,  while Onocology Nutrition and  Pediatric Nutrition focus on specific areas of care. Others such asNutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) and Dietitians in Business & Communication (DBC) focus on areas of business and professionalism within the field. There are also many culturally specific MIGs, such asChinese Americans in Dietetics and Nutrition and the National Organization of Men in Nutrition. No matter what your interest in the dietetics field, there is a group for you!

Why Should I Join a DPG?

Membership to a DPG or MIG can offer a variety of opportunities to further involvement in your interest area. Every group shares events and opportunities specifically to its members, such as social media chats, networking events, and job postings. These are amazing ways to network with RDNs in the field and make contacts that may further your career in the future. Many DPGs/MIGs offer scholarships to students for internships and conferences. In fact, in my time as a student member with SCAN I have been able to become a regular contributor to their quarterly student newsletter and also received a $500 scholarship for my dietetic internship! Student memberships to DPGs and MIGs can be a great way to explore your interest in the field of dietetics while making great future connections!


You can check out a list of available DPGs and MIGs at  under ‘Groups’ or go directly to the group website, such as

Kristina Todini, RDN of Fork in the Road cutting vegetables in an outdoor kitchen.

Author: Kristina Todini, RDN

I'm a registered dietitian who believes that food should be good for you AND good for the planet. Join me in taking the "fork in the road" to eat green and live sustainably.

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