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Kicking Around a Thai Hmong Village

The Karen people of Mae Klang Luang village migrated from Myanmar (formerly Burma) a few centuries ago and have been living off the land in Northern Thailand ever since. Their village is a base of eco-tourism that allows visitors an inexpensive place to stay and the opportunity to learn the Hmong way of life by farming and working the land. The Karen village is known for it’s commitment to sustainability through water management, conservation of resources, and the upkeep of traditions from a way of life that the rest of the country (and the world) is soon forgetting.

The village’s tourism is completely handled by the villagers themselves and not exploitative tour companies that bus in people to gawk at the Hmong way of life. Our group of four were the only outsiders in the village and we were fortunate enough to visit with school children, kick a soccer ball around, and also tour some homes where women were weaving and men were cutting wood outside for fires. It was a great experience to see how some cultures still live close to the land and how old traditions are kept alive, while knowing that the money we spent went directly to the village and the people who were so hospitable to us.

Find Yourself in Northern Thailand?

  • Visit the Doi Ithanon National Forest
  •  Tour the nearby coffee plantation and have a cup of joe!
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Kristina Todini, RDN

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