Salted Honey Fig Toast

A piece of breakfast bread with cheese, figs, and honey on a table.

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Salted Honey Fig Toast, a simple toast recipe with whipped vanilla ricotta, fresh figs, and drizzled honey on seedy toast. A light and sweet breakfast or snack!




  1. In a small bowl, mix yogurt and vanillas until well combined.
  2. Toast bread, then top with yogurt, sliced, figs, drizzled honey, and sea salt.


Notes // Tips:

Leftovers & Storage: If possible, try to consume toast all in one sitting, as storing toast that has already been topped with cheese or yogurt will mean soggy bread.

Nutrition: This simple fig and ricotta toast recipe is a great breakfast or snack recipe that is high in fiber and fiber. Pair it with a side of fresh fruit and nuts for a balanced light meal.


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