My fave post-holiday “reset day” recipes

On days after big food holidays (the 4th, Thanksgiving, etc.) I always focus on one thing: simple foods that nourish.

Today I’m sharing “reset day” recipes that are simple, but still packing the plants (because the focus on days like this should be eating more plants and drinking more water). I’m not a big believer in diets or detoxes or trying to eat “light”, but I do think that having a reset day to get back to basics can help transition you to your normal day-to-day eating.

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Simple reset breakfasts 🫐

Eat an easy breakfast, if you’re feeling hungry that morning.

Simple reset main dishes 🥗

Choose two for the day, or make one and eat yesterday’s leftovers.

Simple reset snacks 🥕

Choose a plant-filled snack to crunch of more veggies.

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Did you know? 🧐

Sticking to reasonable portion sizes is an important way to manage your weight, but only eating foods you consider “light” may actually lead to overeating. An example comes from a study published online Jan. 15, 2022, by the journal Appetite. Scientists gave 37 people identical servings of pasta salad on two different occasions. On one occasion, the meal was labeled “light”; on another, it was labeled “filling.” People eating the “light” meal ate a little more (and said they felt less full) than people eating the “filling” meal. Study authors say the findings indicate that expectations about how full you’ll feel after eating can influence your actual food intake, and that you should use caution if you’re buying foods marketed as “light” to lose weight. Instead, try not to make value judgements on lighter or heavier foods and instead listen to your body to tell you when you’re full. (source)

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The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

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