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Notes from the Road: August 2017, a month of “peak produce,” fresh seasonal food, travel and all the stone fruits I could get my hands on.

August is always a great month for produce. From tomatoes to corn to figs to all the stone fruits, the farmer’s markets are full of great seasonal finds. Fresh fruits and vegetables rarely go bad in this house because it’s all I can do to eat my market bounties before the husband gets to them first.

Sustainable diet and green eating dietitian Kristina Todini

This month was full of new dishes here on the blog and I intentionally used many of the fresh fruits and vegetables available right now at the farmer’s market to take advantage of peak produce season.

Favorite “Peak Produce” August recipes on the blog:

And last, but certainly not least, my August seasonal monthly platter was thisĀ Summer Stone Fruit Cheese Platter. Because if there was one fruit that epitomized this summer, it would absolutely be cherries.

Fork in the Road Features: August 2017

August was also a great month for Fork in the Road as many recipes and quotes were featured on other foodie sites, which is always a great way for more people to connect with the mission of fresh seasonal and sustainable foods. Some of the sites included:


But let’s take a break from talking about food for a minute to catch up. My favorite thing about these monthly Notes from the Road posts are that we have space to connect over other important things in life…like travel…which, of course, involves food.

I began this blog as more of a travel diary but it quickly morphed into food, which is not surprising. My life is consumed with food: I am a dietitian, I work in a food company, I photograph food, I write about food. I eat A LOT of great food.

But one of my real passions is exploring the world to discover food and food cultures. I want to taste my way through every continent, try every regional flavor combination and random typical dish. I view my life at home as spurts of time between vacations. I am always thinking of my next destination and what I will eat when I get there.

I am always thinking of my next destination and what I will eat when I get there.

Sustainable diet and green eating dietitian Kristina Todini talks August peak produce!
The view from brunch at Malibu Farm, a cozy yet modern breakfast spot on the pier in Malibu, California.

So this month when I had the pleasure of extending a work trip to Los Angeles to spend a long weekend hosted by great friends, I jumped at the chance. Francesco traveled along and we had the perfect weekend getaway – we woke up late, hiked the hills of Rancho Palos Verdes, ate brunch at Terranea Resort, barbecued in a backyard overlooking the cliffs and Pacific Ocean, and spent one night screaming at the television while watching a Vegas boxing match.

It was perfect, exactly what we needed after what seems like months of sitting in front of the computer screen during a very busy work summer.

Sustainable diet and green eating dietitian Kristina Todini talks August peak produce!
The beautiful Chicago skyline from the top of London House on Michigan Avenue.


Work has allowed me to travel as well this month, which is always a welcome change. Each year my company flies its employees to Chicago for two days of, you guessed it, food. We exchange food stories, food client successes, food policy updates and forecasts for what is coming in the future of food. It’s an amazing two days to reconnect and recharge and I always come away inspired.

What’s in store for Fork in the Road in September?

As mentioned before, one thing I enjoy doing each month is setting an intention or theme for each month. July 2017 was Weeknight Meals, August 2017 was Peak Produce and September 2017 will be…


Whether you’ve noticed or not, sustainability has been an underlying theme of the content on this blog since the beginning. Through vegetarian and vegan recipes, seasonal produce and a focus on global food traditions, my food philosophy has always included foods that are both good for you and good for the planet.

While this is true on my end, I haven’t spent much time getting down to the 101 of what food sustainability really is here on the blog and this month will change that. I’m excited to share what sustainability means, what foods make up a sustainable diet, and simple tips for being a more sustainable eater. This month I will lay the foundation for sustainable nutrition and build upon it with seasonal and sustainable recipes and kitchen hacks for months to come. I’m excited to share more about this topic as it truly is my passion and the reason I decided to create Fork in the Road.

Enough about me, how about you? How was your August? Did you take vacation time or find ways to relax and enjoy the end of summer? Leave me a comment below or email me at kristina@forkintheroad.co, I’d love to hear from you!

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