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Notes from the Road April 2018. We’re officially in “full swing spring”! A recap of foodie travel adventures, food photography workshops, and all the delicious travel-inspired recipes on Fork in the Road this month.

A bowl of olives on a cheese plate with crackers and berries.

Hola amigos! Welcome to the April 2018 edition of Notes from the Road, your personal postcard and look behind the scenes at Fork in the Road. Throughout the month I share globally-inspired recipes, travel tips for foodies, and a little lifestyle and wellness advice thrown in from time to time, but this is our chance to sit down with an espresso (or tea, or matcha, or wine…yup, wine) and have a face-to-face.

So get comfortable and let’s dish on everything that happened this month.

Notes from the Road: April 2018

What We’re Eating

April produce has been a bit hit or miss here in California. This time of year is usually the start of “transition” for farming, or a period when growing slows down from its winter home in Yuma, Arizona and transitions back to the California Central Valley. We’re starting to see the season’s first good batch of berries, lots of fresh microgreens from local growers, and (surprisingly) I spotted some heirloom tomatoes at the market yesterday.

But what has been in abundance are beautiful artichokes, which had us excited and scrambling to make our favorite Roasted and Stuffed Artichokes. We’ve also had a few staple recipes on repeat, such as Francesco’s beloved Easy Lentil Bowl, our new weekly favorite Ginger Soy Tofu Bowl, and too many pizza variations to count.

I realized today that we have actually never shared a pizza recipe here even though we have have a week pizza night tradition, so that will quickly be remedied in May!

On the Road

Other than a quick business trip back to Portland, Oregon in early April, it was a month spent living in and enjoying the San Francisco Bay Area. The first half of the month was chock full of events–dinners and photoshoots and girls nights galore! I’ve met many amazing women in the food scene here in San Francisco over the past few months and this month was an apex of activity for food-centered events and get togethers.

I also had the amazing opportunity to lead a food photography workshop in San Francisco for dietitians, dietetic interns, and nutrition students for the Bay Area Dietetics Association (BADA). We learned the basics of food photography and spent an afternoon sipping on rose and styling epic cheese boards, yogurt bowls, and even decorating a layered cake with berries and edible flowers.

It was a great event and I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help from the BADA board members and also the support of our sponsors: Corks and Cheers wine, Siggi’s Dairy, Just Date Syrup, and Nana Joe’s Granola. Check them out!

Fork in the Road Features

We shared a few new recipes here on Fork in the Road this month, including a twist on the Easter favorite with Wasabi Ginger Deviled Eggs, a favorite chicken and potato soup Colombian Ajiaco from Bogota, and a refresh of the old favorite Boozy Blackberry Lemonade.

We also went full force in travel content this month and continued our foodie tour of the American South with 5 Foodie Things to Do in Marietta, Georgia and 5 Foodie Things to do in Valdosta, Georgia. We also updated an old travel post (from the early Fork in the Road days!) for our top tips for budget traveling. And finally I shared an interview with Shiryi Tay on blending her Malaysian food roots in America.

Fork in the Road was featured around the interwebs this month at:

  • SOFAB FOOD | Jamaican Curry Roast Chicken: I contributed a Jamaican-inspired roast chicken recipe featuring yams and peppers that goes from dinner to leftover in a snap.
  • 196 FLAVORS | Polva a Lagareiro: I faced my fears of handling tentacled sea creatures and made this classic Portuguese boiled octopus and potato dish. Now I’m an octopus expert!
  • 196 FLAVORS | Sardinhas Assadas: Continuing the trend of seafood culinary adventures, I grilled up some Portuguese sardines and decided they’re my new go-to easy weeknight seafood.

Some of my favorites food, travel, and lifestyle links from April included:

May 2018 Intention: Wellness for Wanderers

Lots of exciting content coming soon to Fork in the Road, including my tips for a food-filled weekend getaway in Portland, as well as a few Mother’s Day recipes early in the month. I also will be sharing some of my top wellness tips for wanders, travelers, and nomads. And I’m working with a few brands to create some exciting content that will roll soon. Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with a photo of the behind-the-scenes crew here at Fork in the Road, who do a lot of complaining and sleeping on the job.

Two cats chilling in front of a window.

April 2018 was a great month for us here at Fork in the Road, but what about you? Where did you travel, what did you eat? Any tips or recommendations on where we should visit next? Leave a comment below or connect with me on Instagram!

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